Order and shipping

Where can I buy Modeka products?

You can order Modeka here in our online store or shop at one of our vendors or Modeka stores. Our shop finder makes it easy to find a vendor or Modeka store close to you.

To buy a product online click on “Add to shopping cart”. By clicking on “Proceed to checkout” you can enter your delivery and invoice address and choose a method of payment. If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, simply contact us via telephone.

When will your delivery be dispatched?
We try to process every order as soon as possible – orders received before 10 o’clock am (Mo-Fr) will be dispatched on the same day. Later orders will be sent out the following business day. Delivery times within Germany are usually between 1-2 business days.

How will my delivery be dispatched?
Orders will be sent via DHL. Every package is ensured.

Who pays for shipping?
Modeka offers FREE SHIPPING for every order (within Germany) above 100 euros. You do not have to pay for returns from Germany either.

Can I track my package?
Yes, you will get a tracking number alongside your order confirmation. You can use that to track your package’s delivery status.

Can I change my delivery address after ordering?
You can change your delivery address if your order has not been processed in our logistics centre yet.

Can my order from Modeka be cancelled?
In rare instances it may come to an overlap in our warehouse, which may lead to incorrect information in our online shop. If an item is no longer available, it will be removed from your order – we will not charge you for the cancelled item. 

Which countries can Modeka deliver to?
Modeka online orders can be delivered to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine.

Belgium 14,40 euros
Bulgaria 14,40 euros
Denmark 14,40 euros
Germany 5,00 euros (under 100 Euro)
Estonia 14,40 euros
Finland 14,40 euros
France 14,40 euros
Greece 14,40 euros
Great Britain
incl. Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey
34,40 euros
Ireland 14,40 euros
Iceland 26,80 euros
excl. Vatican City
14,40 euros
Croatia 26,80 euros
Latvia 14,40 euros
Lithuania 14,40 euros
Luxembourg 14,40 euros
Austria 14,40 euros
Poland 14,40 euros
incl. Azores and Madeira
24,40 euros
Romania 14,40 euros
Sweden 14,40 euros
Switzerland 23,20 euros 
incl. Kosovo
26,80 euros
Slovenia 14,40 euros
incl. Canary and Balearic Islands
34,40 euros
Czech Republic 14,40 euros
Ukraine 26,80 euros

Can the delivery address be different from the invoice address?
Yes, delivery address and invoice address can differ from each other.

In what type of packaging will my order be delivered.
The type of packaging depends on the type and quantity of items in your order. We pack our products very carefully to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination.