We stand for quality and responsibility. Responsibility towards our customers, the environment, and our self-conception.
We are not part of the throw-away society.

Our products are precious, produced with a commitment to reliability and long-term use. Our in-house workshop (Beckum, NRW, Germany) is a competent contact when it comes to changes, repairs, crash damage and creative modernization of clothes for motorcyclists. Here requests for individual changes and resizing will always be heard. Adjusting the things you already love is always worthwhile.

Our workshop’s team consists of creative women who will fulfil your wishes with passion, technical know-how and excellent craftsmanship.

Update: Currently we are only taking on Modeka products for repairs.



With regards to the special workmanship in motorcycling gear, our team works with their hands and both special and standard sewing machines.

One of those special sewing machines is a welding machine, which seals seams from the inside with the help of a ribbon, making it waterproof in the process. The transparent ribbon gets pressed onto the seam with high pressure and temperature and keeps 100% of rain from trickling through.

We are especially proud of our ball-in sewing machine, which allows us to access otherwise unreachable areas. This way our team can work even better and realize changes that were impossible before.
Motorcycling gear is made from many different materials and accessories. That is why we have a large stock of different leather pelts, textiles, stretch materials, zippers, buttons, and other supplies. This allows us to do changes and repairs as true to the original as possible. 


These are examples of what our service can do for you:

•    Replacing buttons
•    Replacing zippers of all types
•    Creating zipper adapters
•    Lengthening and shortening of pants and jackets
•    Widening and shrinking of pants and jackets
•    Sewing on emblems, labels, and letters
•    Replacing the lining in leather pants and jackets
•    Moving protector pockets
•    Welding membranes and laminates
•    And much more on request 


Many motorcyclists have the desire to perfectly match their motorcycling clothes to their motorcycle. For this reason, a customer asks us to adjust the coloured stripes of his Modeka Panamericana jacket to match his motorcycle. We quickly find the Pantone number of the KTM orange colour and replace the 7 neon yellow textile linings with the requested 7 orange-coloured ones.

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First of all, fingers crossed that every motorcyclist can enjoy the season without accidents. Still, we cannot protect ourselves from every crash There are too many outside factors that we have no control over.

If your gear has been damaged in a crash, we can restore it as faithfully as possible. It is important to us that you are riding safely with your favourite gear. Over time we build a connection to our favourite pieces and wanting to hang onto them is understandable. Especially when they are one of a kind.

We do not differentiate between our own Modeka brand or other brands.

Contact us via the phone or via mail before sending in your items. This way we can estimate if a repair is feasible.

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